Clerk of Court

The Clerk of Court’s Office is responsible for processing over 14,000 complaints and traffic violations per year. This includes accepting affidavits, issuing warrants, summons, executions, subpoenas, and papers issuing out of the court; receiving, collecting, and issuing receipts for all costs, fees, fines, bail, and other monies payable to the office, as well as disbursing such funds to the proper persons or agencies. In addition, the Clerk’s Office maintains the court’s docket and other public records to accurately reflect the relief granted or orders made in each action. The Clerk’s Office staff provides assistance to the public, law enforcement agencies, and attorneys who utilize the services of the court.

Criminal Division

Criminal cases heard in the Bowling Green Municipal Court are misdemeanor charges that carry a maximum incarceration period of twelve (12) months and maximum fine of $1,000. Offenses carrying a greater penalty (felony charges) may initially be handled in this court until a probable cause hearing is held. If probable cause is found, the case is sent to the Wood County Common Pleas Court for final disposition. Visit the criminal division for more information about what to expect in the event you are charged with a criminal offense.

Traffic Division

Traffic violations handled in this court range from speeding offenses to driving under the influence of alcohol cases. The violations bureau handles payouts of certain traffic offenses, and is also located in this division. Payout schedules, how to show proof of insurance, and several other issues are covered in the Traffic Division.

Civil Division

The civil division handles disputes involving dollar amounts up to fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000), usually due to personal injury and property damage, contracts or unpaid accounts, and landlord-tenant disputes, including evictions. Other actions handled through the civil division include collection of judgments via garnishments, trusteeships, rent escrow, and appeals to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for 12-point driving suspensions. Civil marriage ceremonies are scheduled through the civil division. By visiting the civil division, you will find our current filing fee schedule and additional information about civil lawsuits and how to collect judgments.

Small Claims Division

Bond is usually an amount of money that a defendant must post to be released from jail in an effort to assure the defendant’s appearance in court. Where to go to post a bond, an explanation of the different types of bond, and when bonds are refunded are covered in this section

Jury Duty

Jury trials are held in our court on criminal, traffic, and civil cases. If you have been called for jury duty, frequently asked questions and answers can be found by visiting this page.


Forms for each division may be downloaded for your use.