Random Drug Screen Program

• You have been placed on community control and are now required to submit to random drug testing.

• You have been assigned a color which will be used to notify you of when you are to report to the Probation Department for your random drug screen. If at any time you forget your color, please contact the Probation Department immediately

• You can call the Court every Tuesday after 5:00 pm (419-352-5263) and select option 5 then 2 for the random drug screen program on the phone menu. If your color is stated on the message, you are required to report to the Probation Department the Thursday of that week between 9:00 am – 3:00 pm for your drug screen.

• If you are taking any prescription medication that would hinder results of a drug test, you MUST bring in a current prescription bottle to serve as proof.

• In the event that a positive test is provided, and you drove to the court, you will be instructed to find an alternative way home. Due to the fact that our tests account for levels of substances in your system LESS than the state allows, you could be charged with OVI if pulled over after leaving the court.

• Positive tests are routinely sent to a laboratory to quantify the levels of substance in your system. If the test is sent to a lab, you will be charged $40.00 to cover that expense. Any positive drug test may result in a community control violation.

• Any attempts to alter the results of your drug screen including the introduction of an outside urine sample regardless of the source will be considered tampering with evidence ORC 2921.12 a felony of the third degree.

• The Color of the Week is posted on the Home page of the court’s website every Tuesday after 3:00 pm. Click HERE to view this week’s color.