Individuals who have received a “Notice of Court Proceedings to Collect Debt” (15 day notice) in accordance with Section 1911.40 of the Ohio Revised Code may file with the court an “Application for the Appointment of Trusteeship”.  Applicants for Trusteeship must reside within the geographical jurisdiction of this court and be gainfully employed.  See the territorial jurisdiction map  for the townships and municipalities covered by Bowling Green Municipal Court.

Applicants for appointment of a trustee must file with each application a full, accurate and complete statement, under oath, of the names of his/her unsecured creditors (credit cards, doctor bills, etc; no car or home loans), their addresses, account numbers and balance due to each.

An initial, non-refundable deposit of $10.00 shall be made upon the filing of any application for the appointment of a trustee.

If your application is approved by the Judge and you are appointed a trustee, it is your responsibility to make timely payments to the clerk’s office each pay period.  The amount required by law to be paid into the trusteeship is 25% of your disposable earnings (earnings after deductions required by law).  You must deliver a copy of your pay stub along with your payment to the trustee each pay period.  Payments may be made by money order or cash only.

The court will deduct 2% of the amount paid as a processing fee.  The balance will be disbursed to your creditors on a monthly basis.

If you fail to make a payment, you will be immediately ordered into court to show cause why your trusteeship should not be terminated.  The trusteeship will be terminated unless you can provide information to the court of an unemployment status.

How to figure your trusteeship payment:              

Net Pay X .25 = Amount Due              

Ex:  $400.00 X .25 = $100.00 Minimum Payment Due

Forms are available from the Clerk’s Office for this procedure.